Five Ways Friends is delivering a new inclusive service across Watford and Three Rivers District designed for older people aged 55+ and Carers. Above is a video we made a while ago which demonstrates the spirit of what we want to achieve.

We are delivering wellbeing clubs for older people and Carers across the area based on the Five Ways to Wellbeingwhich are supported by Herts County Council and the NHS and will underpin Five Ways Friends.

The Five Ways Friends clubs will provide a service for older people and Carers in Watford and Three Rivers and will:

  • Promote wellbeing to support older people to feel a sense of greater physical and mental wellbeing
  • Deliver a service to diverse communities
  • Bring communities together whilst respecting needs and cultural beliefs
  • Contribute to the reduction and prevention of social isolation
  • Include specific support for Carers
  • Provide a two-course meal, ensuring cultural preferences and dietary requirements are met
  • Provide appropriate and specialistsignposting and referral
  • Provide transport for those that meet the criteria

Research has identified five factors that strongly influence people’s sense of physical and emotional wellbeing and we include them all in the Five Ways Friends clubs. They are:

  • Be active - exercise makes you feel good
  • Connectwith the people around you to support and enrich you
  • Take notice - be curious; catch sight of the beautiful and appreciate what matters to you
  • Keep learning - try something new or rediscover an old interest
  • Give- do something nice for a friend or a stranger, volunteer your time or skills

Services in Hertfordshire are working together to use the five ways to wellbeing developed by the New Economics Foundation (NEF). Based on the latest scientific evidence, NEF has created a set of five simple actions that can be adopted to improve everyday wellbeing. You can find out more about Five Ways to Wellbeing by visiting

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