Corporate Volunteering days - New!

Corporate volunteering days are the perfect way for your business to give something back to the local community whilst engaging your team in a rewarding team building activity.

Your business could get involved now by partnering with a local charity to develop a community garden, re-decorate a community facility, take part in a team challenge event and much more.

The benefits of corporate volunteering include:

  • Training and development opportunities – project management, problem solving, creative thinking, decision making, adaptability
  • Team building opportunities – communication and networking, team working, building trust, developing shared goals
  • Personal achievement – opportunity to try something new, develop leadership skills, sense of pride and achievement
  • Increased motivation and staff retention
  • Effective community engagement
  • Supporting your organisations broader Corporate Social Responsibility objectives
  • Bringing your team together to enjoy a shared experience and have fun
  • Contributing to increased brand awareness and improved reputation

What support can W3RT provide for charities and businesses?

W3RT can help to facilitate corporate volunteering by connecting local businesses with local charities. We manage a database of opportunities that are currently being offered by local charities as well as requests from businesses to work with a particular beneficiary group (eg older people) or take part in a particular type of activity. Opportunities and requests are promoted through our CSR newsletter, Community and Voluntary Services newsletter and social media.

W3RT has also developed toolkits to support your businesses or charity with the successful planning and delivery of corporate volunteering activity and help you to achieve your desired outcomes.

What type of corporate volunteering activities work well?

We believe that there are lots of ways that businesses and charities can work together to achieve shared goals:

  • Developing outdoor activity areas
  • Refurbishing community facilities
  • Delivering events or activities eg supporting a community fair or open day
  • Assisting with day trips for service users eg assisting with a visit to the seaside
  • Contributing to fundraising activities eg hosting a cake sale, taking part in a sponsored fun run

There are so many other ways that your business can get involved and W3RT are on hand to provide advice. Please feel free to get in touch and run your ideas past us.

How to get involved

For more information please complete the Enquiry form for businesses or Enquiry form for charities or contact Paul Smyth at or 01923 216965.

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