Do you have concerns about the possible impact of Link Worker recruitment?

Jun 19, 2019

Over the coming few months, the NHS in Hertfordshire aims to recruit nearly 30 full-time Link Workers to help teh NHS work more closely with the voluntary sector. The target salary for these workers will be c £24,000 pa. The number of Link Workers may double over the next 12-24 months. Some voluntary groups have expressed concern that such a significant recruitment programme might (temporarily) distort the recruitment market and / or disrupt services if existing voluntary sector staff apply for the new roles and leave vacancies in front-line delivery.

Sarah Wren (CEO of HILS) has agreed to collate views and feed in a co-ordinated (and entirely anonymous) response to the statutory teams who may then be able to take action to mitigate the impact. Please send any comments to Sarah at: There is no specific deadline but the general timetables are very short so please contact Sarah as soon as you can!

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