HVCCG Small Grants to Process, 2019-20

Nov 01, 2019

Promoting Community Health and Wellbeing 
Principles and Criteria for the HVCCG Small Grants to Process, 2019-20

Author:        Tim Anfilogoff, Head of Community Resilience, Herts Valleys CCG

Date:        31 October 2019

Available resources

  • A minimum of £20k per Primary Care Network (PCN) is available for community groups and charities to bid for
  • There is no minimum and grants up to £20k per proposal are possible (more if more than one PCN area is involved and bids are co-ordinated)
  • Excellent projects may attract a small amount of additional funding
  • At least 50% of the total allocated per PCN must be spent on promoting mental wellbeing and reducing isolation
  • There will be an even simpler process for grants under £5k
  • Groups can seek resources from more than one PCN where appropriate, but will need to show evidence of networking and stakeholder engagement across the

PCN areas

  • The money is one-off and must be granted by 31 March 2020

Projects MUST show:

  • That they will be delivered by charities or local non-commercial groupings of residents or patients or carers who have an idea that will benefit their community’s wellbeing
  • That they have a clear vision of how non-clinical interventions will have clinical impact (eg reduce risk of depression, falls, etc or improve motivation to self-care – see Table 1 below for some suggestions of social interventions that are known to have clinical outcomes and help people stay well or manage their wellbeing better)
  • That they have the support of at least one other stakeholder in the PCN area (a charity, a faith group, a nurse, a social worker etc)
  • A simple evidence base (of need – including real world community or local professionals’ experience - and potential impact)
  • That they are not duplicating another project’s work but are actively working in partnership with relevant others
  • Are trying to pull in other community resources wherever possible (match funding or in kind)
  • A commitment to provide a brief report (probably at six months from grant) with input/advice from Public Health or commissioners etc as appropriate to ensure meaningful evaluation (this does not have to be complicated – a simple format will be agreed at point of grant)
  • The project must focus on addressing local health inequalities through making support more appropriate/more accessible/available to marginalised groups or groups not taking up appropriate help
  • Value for money

Projects will be given greater consideration if:

  • They have an intergenerational element
  • They promote volunteering (particularly where the project aims to turn ‘clients’ into ‘active citizens’ in some way)
  • Evidence of a ‘model’ somewhere else in the area or country (or world) that works
  • Innovation which meets a need and is locally well supported
  • Admin and Process:
  • There will be simple forms and process (and a simpler process if you are applying for £5k or less) – more detail will be published at the beginning of December
  • The CCG will select projects with input from PCN, District Council and HCC as appropriate (to ‘test’ the idea and to ensure there is no duplication/conflict with other plans)
  • Interviews, if needed, may be done over the telephone.  Larger, more complex projects may be interviewed by a panel


  • The formal application forms and a full timetable for the process will be published by 2 December 2019
  • All awards should be made by the end of February 2020

Informal Discussions:
Those thinking of bidding are very strongly encouraged to have a general conversation about your idea and how it fits within the scheme and local needs:

  • Tim.anfilogoff@nhs.net  07900 161673 – Tim can also help you link in with contacts below:
  • Chief Locality Officers in the CCG 
  • Your local CVS
  • Contacts working on the development of Healthy Hubs in your District Council Area

Tim Anfilogoff, Head of Community Resilience, Herts Valleys CCG, 31 October 2019 

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